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Head Start Works

Head Start Works

January 31st, 2013 by  post via: momsrising.org


Head Start works.

A new study is sparking a debate about just how well the early education program works because it shows Head Start’s impact fades out during the first four grades of elementary school. Now some analysts are using the findings as political leverage to suggest overhauling the program or cutting its funding.

Before policymakers start slashing funding, they should consider this report is simply the latest in a growing body of research on Head Start’s effectiveness, and plenty of that research suggests that Head Start works.

Take a step back and you can see decades of studies that highlight Head Start’s positive short-term and long-term impacts on students and their families. Research shows it helps increase high school graduation rates and school readiness. It reduces elementary school costs, such special education placement and grade repetition. One 2010 Montgomery County report found children that enrolled in a full-day Head Start program were 66 percent less likely to need special education services in kindergarten than their peers.

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