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Nationwide Prescription Drug Take Back Day

Nationwide Prescription Drug Take Back Day

The Nationwide Prescription Drug Take Back Day will be conducted in Dubois County on Saturday, April 27, 2013. The Jasper State Police Post will host the collection from 10 am (EST) to 2:00 pm while the Haysville and St. Henry Fire Stations will host from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm.

Expired, unwanted, and unused medications, vitamins, ointments, syrups, drops, and aerosols not in pressurized containers will be accepted at the collection sites. NO sharps, infectious materials, (anything containing bodily fluids) or waste will be collected.

There are reasons why expiration dates are stamped on medication containers. Chemical compositions and potency can change and become altered with age. Keeping expired and unused medicines in the home is not safe. Some medicine looks like candy to a child, and some may be tempting to a teen or someone with a problem.

Expired drugs are a common household health threat that can be lessened when you clean the old meds out of your home. Correct disposal of medications creates a safer and cleaner environment, and greater public awareness reduces illegal activities and scavenging of personal property and public waste receptacles.

The Dubois County Sheriff’s Department will supervise the collections at Haysville and St. Henry Fire Stations, and the Indiana State Police will supervise the Jasper Post site.

This project impacts the substance misuse and environmental needs of Dubois County communities. The sponsors of this Nationwide Prescription Drug Take Back Day are Drug Enforcement Administration, Indiana State Police, Dubois County Sheriff’s Department, Solid Waste Management District, Substance Abuse Council, Fire Stations, Habig Community Center, Older Americans, and TRI-CAP RSVP.

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