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The Mastery of Aging Lunch & Learn

The Mastery of Aging Lunch & Learn

Jan Dougan, Purdue Extension Educator, will be presenting the fifth of a five part video series, The Master of Aging, for the May 20th Boomerama Food for Though Lunch and Learn series. The program will be on “Physical Activity verses Exercise” and will consist of a 30 – 40 minute video with discussion to follow.

This program is open to all ages and senior caregivers. It will be held at 12pm at the Habig Community Center located in Jasper at 1301 St. Charles Street. A $5 lunch special can be reserved by calling 812-482-4455 by Friday, May 17, 2013. No RSVP is required for attendance without lunch.

TRI-CAP RSVP and the Habig Community Center Older Americans sponsor Food for Thought, a BOOMERAMA program that promotes living a healthy today for a healthy tomorrow.

For any questions about the program please contact us at 812-482-2233

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