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The Spirit of Jane Chappell Award Recipient Named

The Spirit of Jane Chappell Award Recipient Named

The promise or spirit of community action changes people’s lives, embodies the spirit of hope, improves communities and makes America a better place to live. It is caring about the entire community and being dedicated to helping people help themselves and one another.

Mr. Charlie Vogler 2012 Spirit of Jane Chappell Award recipient

During Jane Chappell’s 32 years of service at TRI-CAP, she embodied the very spirit of community action. She dedicated herself to helping¬†people and changing lives. Each year we honor a person who also exhibits the same dedication to TRI-CAP and its mission to accept responsibility for achieving personal and economic well-being by providing health, housing, and educational services.

Charlie Vogler received the 2012 Spirit of Jane Chappell Award from TRI-CAP Board President Boyd Toler at TRI-CAP’s board of director’s meeting on April 29, 2013. Mr. Vogler served on the TRI-CAP board of directors for 10 years with perfect attendance and mentored many board members along the way. He was instrumental in the development of TRI-CAP’s Stork Place housing project in Huntingburg.¬†

We at TRI-CAP would like to thank and congratulate Mr. Vogler.

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