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Housing & Personal Finance Services

Housing Counseling/Financial Services

Get counseling at TRI-CAP for all your housing and financial education needs….

TRI-CAP offers services to guide and assist you to become financially fit.  We offer state-certified pre-purchase education courses, budgeting and credit counseling, financial literacy seminars, and  mortgage default, delinquency, and foreclosure prevention assistance.

Pre-Purchase Homebuyer Education

Our homebuyer pre-purchase education courses are offered at our TRI-CAP office in Jasper, Indiana.  These courses are taught by a state and nationally certified instructor and offer a comprehensive 8-hour course preparing the first time homebuyer for the home buying process.  The course covers such topics as selecting a mortgage, selecting a home, key documents in the home buying process, and post-purchase education.  To schedule a homebuyer education course, contact Tammy at (812) 897-0364 extension 112.  The courses are listed on our upcoming events calendar.

Budgeting/Credit Counseling

TRI-CAP offers budget and credit counseling to the community. This service is offered free of charge to anyone requesting the service.  A counselor will meet with each client on a one-on-one basis and evaluate the client’s individual situation.  The counselor and client will work together to create short and long term goals to reduce the amount of debt the client has and create a plan to develop savings and assets.  Upon request, the counselor can also evaluate a client’s credit history and provide suggestions to improve the credit score.   Please contact your local TRI-CAP office to schedule an appointment.


Mortgage Delinquency/Foreclosure Prevention

Are you struggling to make your mortgage payment? Have you had a loss or decrease in income or an increase in expenses? If so, TRI-CAP may be able to assist you. We now offer mortgage default and delinquency prevention and foreclosure prevention.  TRI-CAP is a member of the Indiana Foreclosure Prevention Network.   Our services are free of cost to the client and are provided by a state-certified foreclosure prevention specialist.


For assistance with a mortgage modification or to talk to a foreclosure counselor, call TRI-CAP at (812) 897-0364 or print all documents below and return them to your local TRI-CAP office along with the following documents:

  • Proof of all household income for the last 30 days
  • Bank statements for last 2 months
  • Last two years completed tax returns
  • Last correspondence from your lender
  • Any court documents you have received about your mortgage
  • Completed Hardship Affidavit (available below)
  • Completed Foreclosure Assistance Packet (available below)

Click Foreclosure Assistance Packet.pdf to print a foreclosure assistance packet.

NOTE:  ALL DOCUMENTS MUST BE COMPLETED IN FULL TO PROCESS YOUR APPLICATION FOR MORTGAGE ASSISTANCE.  If you are unable to complete the forms above or have questions, please contact TRI-CAP and ask to speak with a foreclosure counselor.

Click here to contact a counselor via email about any of our housing or financial education programs.

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