Why we like working here

  • “I love working for TRI-CAP because I get to be a small part of a client’s big story.”
  • “For over forty years of TRI-CAP’s existence, the senior volunteers of RSVP have lifted up the disempowered through their service to make each day better than the day before.”
  • “I love working for TRI-CAP because we get to partner with strong community partners to educate and empower families to be self-sufficient and own a stake in their own community.”
  • “I love working for TRI-CAP because it gives me the opportunity to help the people in the community to be able to overcome obstacles in their lives, and become more self-sufficient with hard work / dedication. I am living proof that it can be done.”
  • “I love to help people that can then help other people. I love paying it forward.”
  • “I love working for TRI-CAP because…the children I teach light up my day, week, etc…”
  • “I love working for TRI-CAP because it affords me the opportunity to make a real impact in the lives of the clients that I serve. I do believe that one person can make a difference and, as a collective whole, we truly can change the world around us!”
  • ”In this world of give and take there is not enough people who gives what it takes. Working at TRI-CAP, I see employees, the community, volunteers and our clients each helping to give someone else what they need.”
  • “I love working for TRI-CAP because of the ‘feel good’ feeling I get when I help make a difference in people’s lives. There is no greater reward than helping someone in their time of need. Community Action enables me to do that. TRI-CAP is definitely a ‘different’ kind of job – you have to almost have a passion for it; a calling to be able to work in this type of agency. I am very passionate about what we do and I love that I get the ‘feel good’ feeling from my job!”
  • “I love working for TRI-CAP because of the difference we make in our client’s lives. I love working with families to complete their ‘goals’.”
  • “My fellow staff members are very easy to work with, they are very respectful towards each other, and it is astounding to see the amount of work they accomplish every day. It is truly a wonderful working environment!”
  • “I’m proud to work at TRI-CAP because we live out our Mission every day – empowering people to improve their own life (paraphrased). We are a hand-up, not a hand-out! I’m proud that we truly care about helping others, in all walks of life, with whatever their needs are.”
  • “I am proud to work at TRI-CAP because of the impact we make on the lives of our clients. We help so many people and it makes me feel so good to work here because of that!”
  • “I am proud to work at TRI-CAP because of the reputation of our employees within the communities they serve.”

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