Dubois County CARES is a group of caring individuals focused on supporting youth and creating a family-centered culture in our community. We believe alcohol and drugs are a hidden issue in our community and want to empower our youth to be alcohol and drug free.  We plan to do this by educating the community on the effects of substances on a teen brain, the detriments to hosting parties for youth, and the necessity of talking to youth about substance use.  We have successfully formed a coalition of 50 leaders from across the county who are actively working to change the youth substance use culture in our community. Our primary challenge is working on creating an attitude of prevention in a community that has a rich German history with substance use at the center of many traditions.

CARES stands for the Coalition for Adolescent Resiliency and Empowerment Strategies.  CARES received a SAMHSA Drug-Free Communities grant in 2017 for $125,000 annually for five years, with a possible renewal for an additional five years beginning 9/29/2022. 

TRI-CAP is the fiscal agent for Dubois County CARES.

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