Success Stories – Head Start

“My son who is three years old, has absolutely loved and thrived attending Head Start!  Every day he is so excited to go to preschool!  They have learning activities  daily and all the staff are WONDERFUL!   I would have had trouble affording preschool for him, so having the opportunity for him to attend here is such a blessing!  Thank you again!”


After failing a vision screening at school, a TRI-CAP Head Start family received a referral letter that their child needed to see an optometrist.  The family took their child to a local optometrist who determined that glasses were needed.  The family did not get him glasses right away because they thought he was too little and likely failed the exam because of a language barrier.

The optometrist explained the need for glasses to TRI-CAP’s Head Start staff and that not getting glasses could result in serious eye damage.

To overcome the language challenges, and at the request of the optometrist, TRI-CAP’s Head Start staff shared the importance of the glasses with the child’s mother who previously did not fully understand the need.  An appointment was made, and the child received his new glasses a short while later.

The mother called TRI-CAP thanking Head Start staff for taking the time to explain the need and shared that her child loves his new glasses!


During a TRI-CAP Head Start parent intake meeting, the family’s goal was for their daughter to improve her English fluency and to break out of her shell.  English is the child’s second language and they wanted her to be more fluent before starting primary school.  After only a few months in our classroom, the little girl is speaking sentences in English and is comprehending instructions. She has also made multiple friends and truly has broken out of her shell. She comes in every day with a smile and greets all the staff!

The little girl’s mother and grandmother contacted me to express their appreciation of the Head Start Program and staff.  The teachers have also expressed how much progress she has made in the few months she has been in our classroom. We cannot wait to see the progress she can make by May!


A TRI-CAP Head Start client inquired about the VITA free tax filing services after receiving a flyer from one of TRI-CAP’s Head Start staff. The mother had originally done her taxes through an online tax filing website and the IRS sent her a letter stating that her taxes were denied and she needed to refile. She tried to correct it herself but was unsure if it was correct. So, she visited VITA at the Boonville TRI-CAP office and asked them to look over her taxes. They found multiple mistakes. VITA was able to correct the mistakes all for FREE. She has decided that from now on she will only be going through VITA for assistance. Thank you, VITA and TRI-CAP, for this partnership that is truly helping families!


Kid Sight came to the Warrick County Head Start locations and conducted Kid Sight vision exams. During this screening a possible vision problem was detected for one of our Boonville Head Start students. A notice was sent home to the parent to let them know they should follow up with a vision specialist.

A second screening was conducted at the Boonville Head Start site and it also indicated there was possibly a sight issue with this child. A few weeks later, the child showed up wearing new glasses. She was so proud of her new glasses and was able to see much better!

Mom stated her daughter was a little nervous to come to school because she thought the other kids would make fun of her. The rest of the kids thought she looked great and they all want their own glasses now. The mother was very thankful to the Head Start team and Operation Kid Sight for participating in this joint venture. It has been a huge success!


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