Volunteering Opportunities

Our preschool classrooms welcome parents and community volunteers to assist with everyday classroom activities, reading to the children, chaperoning field trips, or just coming in to the classroom to give the 3-5 year old children a presentation about your special hobbies or skills that may interest them.

If you are interested in something less hands-on, we could always use some clerical, language translation, or janitorial help in our various office locations.

Examples of past volunteer efforts are: painting classroom walls, playground maintenance, guest speakers, classroom aides, assembly of storage barns, landscaping, etc.

Please contact your local TRI-CAP office to inquire about volunteer opportunities. All volunteers are subject to a screening process and are closely supervised while serving the agency. You may complete the online form below or download our TRI-CAP Volunteer Application, fill it out, and mail it to TRI-CAP, 607 Third Avenue, PO Box 729, Jasper Indiana 47547-0729 or drop it off at any TRI-CAP location.

Online Volunteer Application

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