Helping People. Nurturing Self-Sufficiency.

Our Mission

TRI-CAP nurtures self-sufficiency by providing health, housing, and education services that change lives, empower families, and improve the communities that we serve.

Since 1966, TRI-CAP has been helping people and changing lives in southern Indiana. TRI-CAP is an independent, non-profit organization that provides valuable services and assistance to individuals and families, most of whom are low-income.

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Success Stories

Housing Services

I applied for help with my utilities through TRI-CAP’s Energy Assistance Program due to the fact I’m 79 years of age and I have COPD, asthma, and crippling arthritis. It’s impossible for me to work so I must depend on my social security for everything, which that just barely covers the essentials.

So, it is my heartfelt “thank you” that I extend to TRI-CAP for their assistance with my utilities during this winter season. Without it, this would be a miserable cold winter. It’s good to know that there is an organization like TRI-CAP that will extend a helping hand to old folks like me and others. You have my undying gratitude for your help!

Education & Volunteer Services

When my daughter entered Head Start, she was a very dependent 3 year old. It was rough because she clung to me every morning and cried because she didn’t want to go to school. Her unhappiness made me question if I was doing the right thing. I was already struggling with the guilt of being a working mom and it felt like she would never adjust. The teachers were always patient and understanding and never seemed to be bothered by her difficulty. After discussion at home visits and evaluation, it was discovered that my daughter had an auditory learning disability. Head Start provided speech therapy.

Health Services

A client that was referred to TRI-CAP was recently diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer and was struggling to pay for medical bills. This client was a personal business owner and was at risk of losing everything she had worked so hard to achieve as an entrepreneur due to outstanding medical bills. TRI-CAP was able to assist her with medical bill payments and signing up for financial assistance through her treatment providers.  This allowed her to receive 90% of her medical expenses paid.  The TRI-CAP case manager was also able to assist her in emotional support throughout her breast cancer treatment.  This client is now cancer free and actively working on progressing in her personal business.

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