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Energy Assistance

“Just wanted to say thank you for helping with my energy cost.  I appreciate your help so much.  I am able to take care of some home repairs that I never have money for.”


“Thank you for keeping me warm through the winter.  God bless you all.”


“I want to thank TRI-CAP for their Energy Assistance Program.  I appreciate the service very much.  TRI-CAP helps many people and have improved lives in so many different ways.  May God bless you all!”


“I applied for help with my utilities through TRI-CAP’s Energy Assistance Program due to the fact I’m 79 years of age and I have COPD, asthma, and crippling arthritis. It’s impossible for me to work so I must depend on my social security for everything, which that just barely covers the essentials.

So, it is my heartfelt “thank you” that I extend to TRI-CAP for their assistance with my utilities during this winter season. Without it, this would be a miserable cold winter. It’s good to know that there is an organization like TRI-CAP that will extend a helping hand to old folks like me and others. You have my undying gratitude for your help!”

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Housing & Personal Finance Services

“It was a pleasure working with you.  Thank you for guiding me through the IDA process.  We could not have done it without you and the program.  I was able to replace a very out outdated fuse box and the money also helped with a new heating and air unit.  I am very thankful for this program!”


“We bought our first home in 2019 and in 2020 the COVID-19 pandemic happened.  My husband lost his contracts as a truck driver when businesses closed.  Being a nurse’s aide during the pandemic meant I had to self-quarantine several times.  We were hurting financially to a point where we could not see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I searched the internet for financial help in my state and that is when I saw a short application for Indiana’s Hardest Hit Fund.  I was skeptical at first because I never thought someone would actually follow up with me after filling out the application.  The day TRI-CAP’s Housing Counselor called and said there was hope and she could help me and my family save our home was heaven sent!  That call to us was like an angel that could help us in a time of need.  We would like to thank TRI-CAP’s Housing Counselor and Indiana’s Hardest Hit Fund Program for all of your help, support, and friendliness throughout this process, you certainly saved us!”


“My husband had major back surgery and was off work for several months.  Shortly after returning to work, the company he works for laid off thousands of employees and he was one of them.  He looked for a job for several months and finally found one.  We contacted TRI-CAP’s Housing Counselor and they did the paperwork with us and very quickly we were approved to get our mortgage caught up and paid current.  The Hardest Hit Fund saved my family from losing our home.  We are blessed and very thankful for this program and for TRI-CAP!”


A TRI-CAP client purchased her first home using the Individual Development Account (IDA) Program.  She completed her homebuyer’s education and financial literacy training as required by the program.  She used her IDA savings goal for the closing cost on her home purchase.  This client was very pleased that she had some funds remaining and was able to apply those funds to her principal balance on her loan.

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“I just want to thank everyone involved.  I could never have gotten a new furnance without the people at TRI-CAP.  My furnance was replaced quickly, and the installers explained everything to me and made sure that I understood it all before they left.  TRI-CAP’s staff was very professional and the whole process was easy.  I don’t know what I would have done without them.  TRI-CAP is a life saver!”


“TRI-CAP’s Weatherization Services helped our family immensely!  They helped us get a new air conditioner and furnace.  This took the money burden off of our shoulders.  TRI-CAP’s Weatherization crew was professional and polite.”


“I am writing to tell the weatherization guys that came to Boonville, thank you.  I was so surprised on all the work they completed on my home.

 The crew leader did an excellent job on everything he did.  He explained the things he had done and what I should expect from the work.  He was kind and attentive.  He even took time to talk to my four year old grandson!  All my questions were answered.  You should be proud to have such a good worker and person such as him. 

 So again, I want to thank each and every one of you for all the work you did to my house.”


“My family and I wish to thank you and TRI-CAP for all the assistance you have given us the past six months.  For the past twelve months I have seen a lot more downs than ups when it comes to life situations.  Thanks to TRI-CAP and their programs, you were able to provide for us and we have been given some hope back in our lives!  It has been a full year since I lost my job.  I finally found a job at the beginning of August and then just three weeks later my husband became legally blind.  With COVID and being unable to find employment, it wiped out our entire savings and 401K.

It is to the wonderful work of yourself and the backing TRI-CAP provides that allows people to reclaim their dignity and find hope again.  Take care during this COVID Pandemic and we pray that you and everyone at TRI-CAP have a blessed Christmas!”


“I received weatherization on my home through TRI-CAP’s Weatherization Assistance Program. I would like to thank everyone at TRI-CAP, especially the weatherization crew for changing my world! They were hard working, professional and courteous throughout the whole process. Thank you again for everything!”

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