Energy Assistance & Emergency Services

TRI-CAP Energy Assistance Program

The TRI-CAP Energy Assistance Program (EAP) provides financial assistance to low-income households to maintain utility services during the winter heating season. The program is administered by Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority (IHCDA) with outreach offices, like TRI-CAP, in every county in Indiana. We provide intake, application processing and authorize utility vendor payments.

To view more information on the EAP you can visit the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority (IHCDA)  EAP page here:

To qualify for assistance through the EAP listed below, households must provide income documentation for the past 3 months for household members age 18 and older, current heat and electric bills, social security cards for each household member and the completed application.  This program is also available to those that rent their home as long as the applicant is responsible for the utility bill or if utilities are contained in their rent.

For more information on the EAP in your area, please call 812-482-2233 IN Dubois and Pike Counties, or 812-897-0364 in Warrick County.

TRI-CAP 2019-20 EAP application


CLICK HERE to watch Bill Potter with 18WJTS interview TRI-CAP’s Housing Services Director, Neil Elkins, to discuss TRI-CAP’s Energy Assistance Program (EAP).

Winter Heating Program

The Winter Program not only assists with a one time utility payment but also helps to ensure households are safe from disconnection during the moratorium period of December 1st through March 15th.  TRI-CAP accepts applications by appointment in the office or by mail for those households unable to come to the office.  The winter program begins in November and runs through May 16th or until funds are exhausted.

For more information or to request an EAP application packet, contact your local TRI-CAP office.

Emergency Services

As a Community Action Agency, TRI-CAP offers a range of services to assist low income families and individuals achieve self sufficiency.  We provide these services through a variety of Federal, State and Local Grants.  Most programs are based on the family’s income and household size compared to the most recently published federal poverty standard.  However, these services do not always cover the needs of the family or individual.  We often receive requests for rental assistance, utility deposits, food, etc.  Many families requesting help are working yet unable to make ends meet.

In response to the growing needs of the families in our communities as well as an increase in the requests for emergency services, the Emergency Services Program was created at TRI-CAP.  This program is funded, in part, through the generous donations of individuals and organizations in the communities we serve.   Unfortunately, due to variations in funding, emergency funds are not always available.  Even though we utilize every available resource within our communities, we still need other funds to help families in need.

Each family or individual requesting emergency assistance is required to complete an assessment and provide documentation before meeting with a TRI-CAP Intake Staff person.  While meeting with our staff, clients receive one-on-one budgeting assistance and goal setting to assist them in becoming financially self-sufficient as well as referrals to other organizations within the community.  Once a determination of need is established, up to a $100.00 benefit will be made directly to the landlord, utility company, grocery store, etc.


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