Housing Services

Energy Assistance


“Thank you for keeping me warm through the winter.  God bless you all.”


“I want to thank TRI-CAP for their Energy Assistance Program.  I appreciate the service very much.  TRI-CAP helps many people and have improved lives in so many different ways.  May God bless you all!”


“I applied for help with my utilities through TRI-CAP’s Energy Assistance Program due to the fact I’m 79 years of age and I have COPD, asthma, and crippling arthritis. It’s impossible for me to work so I must depend on my social security for everything, which that just barely covers the essentials.

So, it is my heartfelt “thank you” that I extend to TRI-CAP for their assistance with my utilities during this winter season. Without it, this would be a miserable cold winter. It’s good to know that there is an organization like TRI-CAP that will extend a helping hand to old folks like me and others. You have my undying gratitude for your help!”

Housing & Personal Finance Services

“It was a pleasure working with you.  Thank you for guiding me through the IDA process.  We could not have done it without you and the program.  I was able to replace a very out outdated fuse box and the money also helped with a new heating and air unit.  I am very thankful for this program!”


“With Covid, I have been off work since March of 2020.  The help we received from this program was amazing.  It was wonderful working with my counselor.  They helped me get my documents submitted and kept me informed during the whole process.  The program is so appreciated and a life changer for my family.  Thank you! Thank you!”


“We bought our first home in 2019 and in 2020 the COVID-19 pandemic happened.  My husband lost his contracts as a truck driver when businesses closed.  Being a nurse’s aide during the pandemic meant I had to self-quarantine several times.  We were hurting financially to a point where we could not see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I searched the internet for financial help in my state and that is when I saw a short application for Indiana’s Hardest Hit Fund.  I was skeptical at first because I never thought someone would actually follow up with me after filling out the application.  The day TRI-CAP’s Housing Counselor called and said there was hope and she could help me and my family save our home was heaven sent!  That call to us was like an angel that could help us in a time of need.  We would like to thank TRI-CAP’s Housing Counselor and Indiana’s Hardest Hit Fund Program for all of your help, support, and friendliness throughout this process, you certainly saved us!”


“My husband had major back surgery and was off work for several months.  Shortly after returning to work, the company he works for laid off thousands of employees and he was one of them.  He looked for a job for several months and finally found one.  We contacted TRI-CAP’s Housing Counselor and they did the paperwork with us and very quickly we were approved to get our mortgage caught up and paid current.  The Hardest Hit Fund saved my family from losing our home.  We are blessed and very thankful for this program and for TRI-CAP!”


An Individual Development Account (IDA) participant was able to meet their savings goal in two years and use their Individual Development Account (IDA) savings to help with tuition expenses at Indiana University.  This gave them money to use towards their major marketing and business analytics and a minor in media and creative advertising.  They were very happy to be a part of the Individual Account Program to help offset some of the costs of tuition.


“I was struggling to pay my mortgage and scared I would lose my home.  I called TRI-CAP for help and spoke with their Housing & Personal Finances Manager.  I was able to get the help I needed to apply for Indiana’s Hardest Hit Fund Program.  It was a relief when I found out I was approved for assistance.  Thanks to Indiana’s HHF Program and the help from TRI-CAP, I was able to get caught up on my mortgage payment and stop the foreclosure of my house!”


“Our family was struggling with job loss and sickness through the COVID pandemic.  We thought we were going to lose our home.  Thank God for the help we received from Indiana’s Hardest Hit Fund Program through TRI-CAP.  This program allowed us to keep our home that we worked so hard for the past 30 years!”


A TRI-CAP client purchased her first home using the Individual Development Account (IDA) Program.  She completed her homebuyer’s education and financial literacy training as required by the program.  She used her IDA savings goal for the closing cost on her home purchase.  This client was very pleased that she had some funds remaining and was able to apply those funds to her principal balance on her loan.


“Due to a medical issue/accident that my husband had and with the loss of my job, my home was placed in foreclosure. We had little to no income and my mortgage company referred me to TRI-CAP’s Foreclosure Prevention Services. The Housing Counselor at TRI-CAP did a wonderful job assisting me through the entire process. They truly make it easy, painless, and never made me feel ashamed. It is exceedingly difficult for me to accept help or admit that I need help. TRI-CAP’s Housing Counselor was always prompt with all responses and updates while answering any questions I had. I cannot thank everyone enough for their help and kindness during this difficult time for my family. We can now stay in our home thanks to TRI-CAP’s Foreclosure Prevention Services!”


“My counselor was so helpful, and the program has helped my family tremendously after my heart attack.  The program saved everything I’ve been working for my entire life.  So, I give this program and TRI-CAP a five-star rating!”


“My family was approved for the Individual Development Account (IDA) Program and we are truly grateful for this program.  We were able to meet our savings goal and matched money on what we saved.  We were able to use the money to help with the cost of updating wiring and with running sewer lines in our older home which was much needed.  Thank you for this program!”


“I would like to thank TRI-CAP for their Foreclosure Prevention Services they offer along with the housing and finance counselor.  Without this service, my home would have been foreclosed and I would be homeless.  I was laid off from my job unexpectedly that I worked at for several years.  TRI-CAP’s housing and finance counselor was very knowledgeable, timely, and friendly in helping me work through the process of saving my home.  Thank you for all you did for me!”


TRI-CAP’s housing counselor had a client who was a single mom renting and wanted to purchase a home for her and her children.  Her landlord wanted to sell the home she was currently renting and living in for several years.  She wanted to stay in her children’s school district and was afraid they would have to move out of the area when the home she was renting sold. At that time, she thought her world was falling apart.   She had no idea how to get a home loan, if she would qualify, and what she could afford.  TRI-CAP’s housing counselor met with her and was able to go over home affordability with her to see what she may qualify for.  We worked on her credit by reviewing it with her going step by step.  The counselor showed her how to dispute a few items that were not hers and make payments on some collections she was not aware she had and pay them off. This all helped to increased her credit score.   She took a first-time home buyer education course.  After about a year, the actions she took brought her credit up to where it needed to be to do a home purchase and it gave her time to save for closing costs.  She worked with a realtor, a lender and TRI-CAP’s housing counselor to achieve her goal.  She is now a homeowner and her kids stayed in their same school district.  Something she never thought was possible.


A client’s comments on how TRI-CAP’s Foreclosure Prevention Services helped them:

“No words can explain how wonderful this program is. I am so thankful for everything TRI-CAP and this program has done to help me save my home. This program is a MIRACLE! I was about to lose my home after my husband of 30 years passed. I didn’t know what I was going to do raising my great grandson since birth. This has been a miracle for both of us. I would be living in a different world if it wasn’t for this program, Hardest Hit Funds. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”


This success story comes from a client that benefited from TRI-CAP’S Individual Development Account Services:

My family and I moved into a home that was built in the late 1940’s. Not long after we moved in, I noticed that I was tired and not feeling well and my children began suffering from allergies, ear issues, and the constant cough/runny nose. After many trips to a specialist, my then 18-month-old son was diagnosed with allergies and asthma. I began to search the home trying to figure out why we were suddenly ill all the time only to realize that the basement was full of mold. Our furnace was in the basement, so it was circulating the mold through the house. I worked vigorously trying to correct the problem only to find that it was not an easy task to take on. The mold grew back, and I felt powerless. I had an IDA account established and considered updates on the house but quickly realized that it was not something that we were prepared to take on.

We began the search for a new home. We decided that we wanted to give our children a “forever home” and a yard to play in. We knew that we needed something that was safe and that offered a healthy environment for our family. I took a Home Buyers Education Class and worked tirelessly to ensure that my credit was cleaned up. I paid off old debts I had tried to escape and couldn’t. Finally, I found the home that I knew was meant for me and my very large family. I was grateful that I had the TRI-CAP Individual Development Account when I was informed that we needed to pay for appraisals and closing costs. Those expenses were taken care of through the IDA. I was able to issue a cashier’s check to cover the closing costs from my IDA account.

I know that without the IDA account, we would not have been able to come up with the closing cost that was needed to secure our home. We have a large family and practically live from paycheck to paycheck. The IDA allowed us to make a positive move in the right direction for ourselves and our family. We have recently gone back to our allergy specialist who cleared my son’s allergies and asthma diagnoses and the rest of the family have seen a great improvement in the way we feel. We are grateful for such a wonderful program!


Comments from a couple of clients that received help from TRI-CAP’s Hardest Hit Funds Program:

“If it weren’t for TRI-CAP’s Hardest Hit Funds Program we would have had to sell our home and move our large family to a very small apartment. Thank you for helping us to be able to stay in our home when my husband’s company shut down unexpectedly. TRI-CAP’s housing counselor treated us with respect, answered all of our questions, and processed our application very quickly. We are so thankful! Thank you so much.”

“Your services saved our home from foreclosure. Our home is everything to us. I will always be thankful because we had nowhere else to go if we had lost our home. TRI-CAP was very prompt and polite to work with. Our lender referred us to you and we feel blessed to have been able to keep our home.”


“I was ashamed to ask for help but when I reached out for help with TRI-CAP’s housing counselors they made me feel at ease and comfortable going through the process.   My Husband was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and possibly early dementia. My daughter stayed home with my husband for the first year because she worked nights and I worked days. My husband’s condition had gotten worse where the doctors stated I needed to be home with him to care for him.   At this time he was unable to be alone. I took FMLA and it ran out. I had to end my job to say home with him. All this made us get behind on our mortgage. A friend referred me to TRI-CAP’s Hardest Hit Funds Program. The Program was able to help us get caught up on our mortgage. I applied and started receiving my social security so we were able to make ends meet after your help. Since then my husband has passed away, but from the help we received from the program on our mortgage, I was able to give him some of his wishes and care for him at our home that was saved from foreclosure. For that I will forever be grateful to you. Thank you again for going above and beyond.”


Letters from clients who used TRI-CAP’s foreclosure prevention services:

“I am writing this for my son, and it’s hard to put into words how we feel.  If my son had not gotten help from you, I’m not sure he would be here now.  Although the paperwork was pretty intense, our counselor was so patient and kind when helping us with it.  They were always quick to respond when we had questions.  Your program has helped put my son back on stable ground.  God bless you and your staff.”

“I am very happy with the services TRI-CAP and this program has provided.  Due to this program I am able to stay in my home and survive without losing my home.   My counselor was very helpful in getting information to me in a timely fashion.  I was very close to being foreclosed on so this was important to them as it was me.  I appreciate all the help they did for me.  I have also told people about this program.  This is a great program and I am very blessed.  Thank you and be blessed.”


This client success story goes full circle with three of the programs TRI-CAP offers.  It started with a parent having a child enrolled in the Head Start Preschool Program.  The parent had a family development meeting with their Family Advocate.  During that meeting the family advocate referred the parent to the Individual Development Program, (IDA).  The parent had reached out to the IDA Administrator.  They discussed what the program was and how it may benefit her to save for an asset goal purchase.  The parent stated they have rented for several years and always wanted to someday be a homeowner and have a place to call “home”. This program would help her to save for her first home purchase.  She applied for the IDA program and was approved.  She met her savings goal of $1000.00 within two years and was matched $4000.00 with federal and state funds.  She also completed 8 hours of financial literacy training along with a home buyer education course.   During this time we discussed her loan options for buying a home and the USDA 502 Direct Home Loan was what she chose.  It fit her situation the best.  TRI-CAP worked with her on packaging her loan and applying through USDA.  She was approved and is now a proud homeowner.  She was happy to be able to keep her children in the same schools they attended before.  She was a dream client.  Very prompt in gathering documents and always appreciative of those working on her behalf.  She is in a home with an interest rate of 3.125% and is building equity and wealth for her and her children.  This is truly a success story for this person and illustrates how each department within TRI-CAP works together to best meet each of our clients’ needs.


“I had a health-related set back that snowballed into a predicament that was going to cause me to lose my home of 30 years. This is a home I aspired to have about 50 years ago, and I have some prominence in the community for being in this historic 126-year-old home. My career is based on historic preservation, renovation, and time investment into sustaining viable urban neighborhoods. Without the HHF assistance my life’s efforts would have been destroyed.

I can testify that many others feel this program serves a fundamentally powerful purpose that should remain available to those that are hit the hardest.

I can compare this program as one of my life’s most transformative in the best degree of full appreciation. I hope others benefit just as perfectly as this program is designed.

Thank you!”


This Success Story is told by one of TRI-CAP’s Hardest Hit Housing Foreclosure Program clients:

“I would like to thank the Hardest Hit Fund Program, TRI-CAP, and my housing counselor for everything that they did for me to save my home from foreclosure.  I never needed help in my 77 years.  You never made me feel once that I was getting a free handout.  You guided me through the whole process.  My family home of six generations was saved because of the help you and this program gave me.  Thank you!

“Unbelievable Program!  This program gave me peace of mind for myself and my family while we were trying to get back on our feet from our unexpected hardship that hit our family.  Thank you guys!”

If you are an Indiana homeowner struggling to pay your mortgage, we want to help you stay in your home! Call TRI-CAP about our Foreclosure Prevention Services.


This success story comes from a client that benefited from TRI-CAP’S Individual Development Account Services:

“Approval of my application to qualify for the IDA (Individual Development Account) Program was beyond my dreams. The service provided by my assigned TRI-CAP counselor provided every element of professionalism necessary to address the extensiveness of the application process. Because of my hardship, I was already feeling exceedingly overwhelmed mentally and physically. The extent of the application process would make me think most potential applicants would feel bogged down and abandon the effort. My counselor provided the appropriate encouragement by guided measures to make my life and home saving final resolution possible.

The speed of the program over all impressed me. When my counselor said 30-45 days to determine eligibility, I was concerned if this was accurate. From my express mail submitting of packet to TRI-CAP’s e-mail notification of approval it was just 34 days. Everything my counselor said was always very accurate. From my initial request for services to every phone call or message left, each was promptly responded to beyond what is symbolic of other agencies.”



Comment from a Weatherization client:

“TRI-CAP’s Weatherization Services helped our family immensely!  They helped us get a new air conditioner and furnace.  This took the money burden off of our shoulders.  TRI-CAP’s Weatherization crew was professional and polite.”


Letter from a Weatherization client:

“I am writing to tell the weatherization guys that came to Boonville, thank you.  I was so surprised on all the work they completed on my home.

 The crew leader did an excellent job on everything he did.  He explained the things he had done and what I should expect from the work.  He was kind and attentive.  He even took time to talk to my four year old grandson!  All my questions were answered.  You should be proud to have such a good worker and person such as him. 

 So again, I want to thank each and every one of you for all the work you did to my house.”


Letter from a Weatherization client:

“My family and I wish to thank you and TRI-CAP for all the assistance you have given us the past six months.  For the past twelve months I have seen a lot more downs than ups when it comes to life situations.  Thanks to TRI-CAP and their programs, you were able to provide for us and we have been given some hope back in our lives!  It has been a full year since I lost my job.  I finally found a job at the beginning of August and then just three weeks later my husband became legally blind.  With COVID and being unable to find employment, it wiped out our entire savings and 401K.

It is to the wonderful work of yourself and the backing TRI-CAP provides that allows people to reclaim their dignity and find hope again.  Take care during this COVID Pandemic and we pray that you and everyone at TRI-CAP have a blessed Christmas!”


Letter from a Weatherization client:

“I received weatherization on my home through TRI-CAP’s Weatherization Assistance Program. I would like to thank everyone at TRI-CAP, especially the weatherization crew for changing my world! They were hard working, professional and courteous throughout the whole process. Thank you again for everything!”


Letter from a Weatherization client:

“I signed up for your Weatherization Program. I just wanted to let you know how much my husband and I appreciate what you and your crew of men have done for us. Our house was full of carbon monoxide and we didn’t even know it. We probably would have ended up dying from it because we were sick all of the time and didn’t know why. TRI-CAP’s crew of men did so much work on this old house and it is now in livable condition. We would never have been able to do all the work they did to our house. You have a great crew of men working for you. Thank you all for everything you have done here, it is very much appreciated. God bless all of you and thank you!”


We received two short letters from clients in the Weatherization Program. The first came from a single mother of three. When we arrived at her home, we found the furnace in very poor condition. The exhaust pipe for the furnace caught on fire and the exhaust from the furnace was spilling into her crawlspace. We had no choice but to shut down her furnace. Below are her comments:

“Without the help of TRI-CAP, I may not have been able to replace my broken furnace in a timely manner. I greatly appreciate the assistance I have received from TRI-CAP and the time it was completed in was amazing. Thanks again.”

The second letter came from a family that was having issues keeping their home warm. The father was recently disabled and they had a teenage daughter in the home. We added additional insulation, tuned up their furnace, and pressure balanced the entire home to allow the furnace to work more efficiently. Heat was being distributed unevenly throughout the home. Here are the client’s comments after we finished the work:

“The furnace is running so much more efficiently. The house stays warm throughout. Thanks so much!”


A single mother of three owned her home and needed weatherization services to help reduce her energy bills.  Her furnace did not work and the water heater was in poor condition. The house had holes that went directly to the attic, which was allowing the heat they were getting from a vent-less space heater to go directly through the roof. TRI-CAP was able to replace her furnace and water heater.  We also were able to seal up all the holes to the attic, insulate the attic, as well as insulate and air seal the crawl space. The homeowner was thrilled and was finally able to be comfortable and not have to worry so much about the heating bills. We saved this client about 50%+ on their utility cost and also gave them comfort and peace of mind at the same time.  We were able to remove the vent less space heater, which kept them from possible carbon monoxide poisoning.  The homeowner was extremely concerned about their situation prior to our weatherization services.  Now that the home is more energy efficient, this mother can concentrate on raising her children and not worry so much on how to pay the extremely high gas bills.


Comments and Notes From Weatherization Clients:

-I want to thank you for the smoke alarm.  If it wasn’t for the smoke alarm, my house could have burned and my grandchildren could have died.  I cannot thank you all enough for everything you did to fix it up.  May God bless you all.  Thank you!

-We would like to thank you for everything you have done to help us out.  We really do appreciate it.

-A big thank you to the workers that helped to make my house warmer!  Everyone was so professional and kind.  Being old as I am, I am so truly grateful.


This success story is told by a client that used TRI-CAP’s Weatherization Program Services:

“It was amazing how much heat loss there was in my house. The TRI-CAP employees were all polite, prompt, hard working men that never stopped until their scheduled lunch. They knew what they were doing and did a great job at it.  I wouldn’t know another company or source that would be more knowledgeable finding the absence of insulation and knowing how to fix the problem.  I’m actually getting excited to see how much my Vectren bill will be reduced this month.”

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